A course in orienteering based on the Military Grid Reference system (MGRS). Coverage includes, but is not limited to : Map reading, terrain association, fundamentals of compass use, understanding measurements and taking measurements, best practices / strategies in route planning, use of back azimuths, etc.

Emergency Planning Seminar

Principles of Camouflage 

Free Seminar

$300.00 ea
​Meal Included.

Coverage includes: animal tracking methodology and predictions, animal specific traits and profiling of deer, hog, coyote, raccoon, and turkey. Stalk tactics and approach. Target detection training teaches methods to observe and capture vital details often missed by cursory glance or untrained eyes.

This dynamic shooting course designed for those who have already completed the ITT course. Back by popular demand and part of the “Survive the Chaos” series of courses, STT is used to practice and hone the skills you have already acquired in your previous ITT training course plus a few more

Situational Awareness

$425.00 ea.
Meal Included

The course is a full day of shooting and maneuvering with a regimented curriculum that focuses heavily on mindset and practical, real world tactics.  It is designed for advanced shooters with the desire to enhance their tactical abilities.  You will be challenged with scenario based, live fire situations with a performance review at the end.

Land Navigation

"Pro Hunter" ​Series

$90.00 ea.

"Survive the Chaos" ​Series

Principles of camouflage is a camouflage course with a major twist. Here you will learn the ins and outs of camouflage use and techniques that differ and pertain to different types of wild game, from sight to smell. Additionally; like us on facebook to keep up with announcements here at Atlanta Range and Ordnance to find out when we are hosting a proprietary, unique, and fun camouflage competition. The Principles of Camouflage course is not mandatory to participate in the competition but it is guaranteed to assist in taking home the win

​(Initial Tactical Training)

$375.00 ea.

This is a hands-on classroom based course designed to teach you about vulnerability and threat assessment, therefore, provide a measure of security to you and your loved ones. By the end of this course, you will be able to actively recognize common precursors of a hostile situations, understand crime opportunity theory and how to integrate the knowledge into your daily life.

The Emergency Planning Course is a classroom based course and part of the “Survive the Chaos” series of courses. This course is hands on and designed to teach you how to plan and prepare yourself and your family for any and all emergency scenarios. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of the planning process.

Explore your world in a new light.  Identify threats and learn skills to navigate everyday life with the confidence you deserve

A course in bowmanship to elevate skills and increase knowledge by applying sound methodology and breaking down each facet to it’s principal parts.  Coverage includes, but not limited to: Explanation of different bow types, utilization and mechanics, Archery shooting fundamentals, Sight types / use, Method for gathering shooting data (DOPE). Bow Maintenance, Proper fit / draw length, learning of and correcting common errors while on the hunt, game anatomy (deer, boar, coyote), 30 minute range time with professional oversight.

$585.00 ea.
Meal included


Precision Hunter

​per household
​Meal Included

(Tactical Sustainment

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"Survive the Chaos" and "Pro Hunter" series are conducted by former Special Operations Sniper Alex Kernan.  Alex leverages his many years of experience and training to bring dynamic, realistic, scenario based training for personal defense and precision hunting. Develop the confidence and skills necessary to actively protect yourself and your family or stalk and take down that prize game.  

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A long range, classroom based, Hunting Course designed to make the rifle hunter more successful through the full and detailed understanding of Precision rifle fundamentals.  Course coverage includes, but is not limited to: Rifle shooting fundamentals, Rifle setup/nomenclature, Scope setup/nomenclature, reticle / turret subtention knowledge and use, wind computation and correction, discussion of Internal / external /terminal ballistics, general best practices /tips, and an introduction to ballistic computers. Students DO NOT bring personal rifle.

Modern Bowman